Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Know I am Wrong But..

I had to do it.


1. In 2008, Iota Phi Theta Will Be Relevant!
2. For 2008 in its entirety, Omega Psi Phi will have more Graduates than Suspended Chapters!
3. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. will cut back HATING at least 85%!
4. Starting on Jan. 1st members of Kappa Alpha Psi will NOT be allowed to have their Canes in the following: Funerals, Church, or Public Restrooms!
5. Alpha Phi Alpha MUST choose a MASCOT! A Sphinx, A Gorilla, A Snake, or Martin Luther King.
6. All Zeta's will get mandatory perms!
7. All AKA's will be required to spend at least 200 hrs. OFF of their High Horse!
8. Members of Delta Sigma Theta will be required to MEET ALL their Line Sisters!
9. All SGRho's Will be required to HANG OUT with the rest of society at LEAST (2) Nights a Week!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...


why you mesing with your bruhs? aren't they gorillas?

love the kappa resolution! i don't want to see your cane at the mall!

Davia said...

You are crazy...but I feel you on the Alphas. MLK? LOL