Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am so excited about this coming weekend. The only thing that is killing me is that I finally got the shoes and they aren't comfortable. I found some cute replacements but couldn't get them today. I wasn't angry but that may be because I kept the day's sermon with me. I get ready to return some shoes that were the wrong size and not as cute as I want them to be and the lady tells me that the gift card system was jacked up.

Stace--My uncle and his wife are from GA and Michigan. The plan was to get married in FL so no one would come to the wedding. Didn't go down like that at all and you know black folks don't like to RSVP--not the prettiest thing.

What is the dress for Posh?

You know God is good!

My short getaway was fun and eye opening. My friend's soon to be ex-husband has some serious issues! I don't even know how to explain but let's just say he is on some I can't be in a committed relationship type stuff after the birth of baby #2. Can you say cut some something? I don't know what I would have done and I hope I don't ever have to find out.

My back is engaged! I am so happy for them! I finally met him about two months ago and they just seemed so right together!

You know if I got married in the next year I can't name one person who would be in my wedding. Ok maybe I can name a couple of ladies but maid/matron of honor duties I couldn't even think of. I need to do better with my friends.

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Complex Simplicity said...

I think we're all excited. When are you getting in?
Who is your back? long as you're fly they don't really trip on females. Since I'm playing the day by ear, I have no idea what I'm wearing.

Marriage is so far off the radar for me...we might as be talking about my retirement. LOL