Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Ramblings But Not Really

My uncle got married in Palm Beach Gardens--I know that is random but I was looking at the location of one of my faithful readers.

I want to be deeper. Do deep people think this or am I just really shallow and I know it? And since I know I am shallow then I want to be deep?

I need money but do you really think I am driving to the middle of nowhere on a Thursday night to some random's house by myself to do a closing? I mean my safety is more important than what is in my bank. I know I am not any safer during the day than I am at night time but it is for my peace of mind.

I hate when people try to blog about something serious and I am so caught up in it and then there is a typo. It throws me off b/c I am the type of person who will try to figure out what it should say. I lose my flow.

I was reading a certain someone's blog and they were talking about our friend group from college and how there are no secrets. I think I have some secrets only because I don't talk to our friend group like everyone else does. I can count on about two fingers how many times I have seen them since graduation. I got caught up at UGA and just didn't talk to them all that much. I mean there are some things they know but then there are a lot of things they don't. It's not even because I don't want them to know it is just b/c I don't have one friend that I talk to regularly which means that even at UGA my closest friends didn't know everything. I just tell the person that I speak to at that particular time what is going on. I just told one friend about Homecoming 2004 and she might have told but it wasn't that deep for her to tell--ok maybe it was that deep but so much more was going on at the time that I told that particular secret. I miss my college friends and the closeness we shared in college. My plan is to do better and build those bonds once again.

I am ready for the Reunion weekend and thanks Southern Belle in the Big City (your new nickname from me) for the weekend rules. I do have one question though--what are the excuses for or should I say who are the excuses for?

My shoes were shipped on Tuesday so they should be here before I leave.

I came up with the cutest idea for an outfit on Friday night--at least the shirt. I just want to say it is very hard to find a bandeau in the stores in January. I would have ordered one from Victoria's Secret but they have gotten enough of my money in the past two months.

So shouldn't NBC be talking to the producers and what not about this strike. NBC is losing an estimated $80 million b/c there will be no Golden Globes. I think the producers need to start talking to the writers. Don't they know there are certain shows that I must see--pissed that I am not watching a new Ugly Betty.

I am going to see my friend tomorrow. We are doing well right now but then I am not expecting much from him.

Why did someone get mad at me b/c I told them to tell me everything about them but they wanted me to be specific. Don't ask me what I want to know and I say everything and you get mad. You need to be an almost open book if you insist on talking to me.

Thanks for reading!


Complex Simplicity said...

You can use my name on the blog. I deleted too much of the post b/c it was supposed to come off as "I know who I can say what to and not worry about it getting out" LOL

Excuses...the last time we stayed at the same hotel the television was broke so they gave us 2 free tix to buffet breakfast and each tix was valid for 4 people. To be fair, we used the tix and everyone pitched in $5 to cover the rest. So we all had a $20 buffet for $5.

I think I want to get more personal on my main blog...yesterday I almost posted some TMI stuff LOL

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you need some pics girl! i want to see shoes and outfits!!

does your uncle live in PBGardens or that's where is wife is from?