Monday, January 28, 2008


I always want to respond to your comments and forget when I am actually on blogger.


Victoria's Secret sells all kinds of different brands. The first pair of shoes I couldn't tell you but the second pair were Steve Madden. When I say I had to politely put those shoes back in the box and send them on their way I did it quick fast and in a hurry.

The girl is the one I gave the hints to. I can't even say they were hints--they were the complete and honest truth. NO CHASER but if she likes it I love it. The problem is I know at least 3 parties involved--not quite sure if there are more than two women involved but from my understanding it is more than two. Let's just call it craziness!

Southern Belle,

I just want to say I really like calling you that especially thinking about your accent when we first met (not that I am one to talk).

I am so ready for sushi in NY/NJ. I want to go to the brunch and have unlimited mimosas!


I just want to say I faithfully read your blog and I am going to start commenting! I promise to do better.


By the way it is official I will be working with children while waiting for the perfect job to come my way. Keep me in your prayers.


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