Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All About Me

I am a blogging thief!

I am not: happy about my current life situation--living at home, no full-time job, him.
I hate: not being completely faithful to the Lord
I hear: the lies that I have heard most of my life
I regret: after the cab Homecoming '04 and May 18, 2005
I cry: for a release
I care: about my friends
I always: complain but I am working on not doing that
I long to: be in a happy committed relationship
I feel alone: but not lonely
I listen: and try not to speak my first thought (I lack tack most days of the week)
I hide: from my issues
I drive: entirely too fast
I sing: off key daily
I dance: often
I write: when I need to get something off my chest
I breathe: out of my nose when it is not stopped up
I play: computer games regularly
I miss: my complete happiness
I search: for random people on the internet
I say: whatever comes to mind, usually the thing most likely to get me in trouble
I feel: the pain the "hes" have caused.
I succeed(ed): at passing the bar
I fail(ed): at protecting myself against him
I dream: vividly
I sleep: all over the bed
I wonder: if I am meant to be a wife and mother and if so when
I want: my happiness back
I worry: about the lack of a job
I have: control over me
I give: more than I should to certain people and not enough to others
I fight: with words
I am: an attorney
I can't: run away from my issues forever
I stay: up late too much
I will: be the best at all that I do
I can: watch tv all day
I would: do anything for the people I love
I might: disappear for a minute but I love you people
I like: clothes, shoes and food
I love: me but maybe not enough
I smile: very rarely
I frown: more than I should
I read: a new book at least every two weeks
I work: when I feel like it.

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