Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No More Compromising

So this morning I woke up early as usual but I decided to use this time to think (of course I eventually went back to sleep). While thinking I decided I am not compromising myself any further. This applies to all aspects of my life.

1. I am no longer going to take whatever "he" has to offer. I hate when people ask me if I am single b/c I can't honestly answer the question b/c I don't know the answer. I am giving an ultimatum. My ultimatum is to help make sure that my needs are met. I care about him but I love me to death. I haven't been treating myself like that in the past. I guess he doesn't understand that I can get sex anywhere. I choose to be faithful b/c that is what I expect but damn all that. I will always be faithful but I don't have to be in a relationship with him to be faithful. I will let God/fate take course and be faithful to the one who wants only me.

2. I am tired of "friends" playing with my emotions. Stop asking me my business if you are not willing to share yours. Don't talk in double speak so I don't understand. (Complex Simplicity this is not directed at you--double talk is what you do best and I enjoy trying to decipher. Plus you don't come and ask me every detail of my day then shut down.) Don't ask me to help you and then when I ask for something similar you start stuttering. Better yet don't call me your friend.

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