Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Things I Hear

I never really thought about whether the world is round or not. I have been too busy trying to take care of my kids. Maybe not those exact words but she said it. This came from a grown ass woman. Sherry Shephard needs to be ashamed. Don't they teach you that in elementary school? What the hell and why?

Disclaimer: I am addicted to the stupid Maury shows (you know the lie detector and my teenager is out of control). "I sold my body for a double cheeseburger." "Cheeseburgers taste good!"

"I sold my body for a can of soda."

"I only care about me! I am not selfish!"

"Did you hear about Michael Vick and he may have to serve 40 years on state charges. That is so sad."
Ok so I know 40 years is a lot time to serve but I know Michael Vick knew that what he was doing was wrong. I know how people feel about the treatment of dogs--those people who get more upset about a hurt dog than a starving child. He set himself up for the okie doke.

Ok so tomorrow I am going to give a serious blog--gotta vent about the daddy issues again.

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