Monday, September 24, 2007


Why am I so addicted to reading other people's blogs? I even get mad when my friends don't update. I probably want updates b/c I don't have a real job and I am tired of watching t.v. and cruising the internet.

I read a friend's blog today and I feel much closer to her. We have so much in common but we just aren't as close as we used to be. I miss her. I want to do better but I don't know what is wrong. I feel guilty about letting our relationship lapse. I think it is mostly my fault. I went through some things that I didn't want my friends to know about and she was one of those friends.

I have so many different friend groups. I wish I could consolidate these groups. I just don't feel comfortable with some friends about certain things. There are some friends that I have never even told about this blog.

I have another friend that I miss but I am too proud to pick up the phone and call. Actually it is more than pride--I personally think she is too sensitive and I have seen her kick a best friend to the curb for a reason that she doesn't even understand. I think all her friendships have an expiration date and ours happened to be March 26, 2007 (yes the day before my birthday). I am just pissed at her b/c I think of all the things we did for each other and she can kick our friendship to the curb. She was going to be in my wedding if I ever got married which is a special thing considering that I am eloping.

Why when I ask you what time rush is you tell me that only committee members can go to rush? Now if I haven't been to a chapter meeting since April and we just had a chapter meeting two weeks ago why would you assume that I was trying to go to rush? I could understand if I had been back to Athens regularly then I could understand this response. We obviously were never friends. I just wanted to know what time rush was. Chicks are so simple. I have figured I need to find some male friends so when they do stupid isht I can blame it on the fact that they are men.

Ok so this is no longer why--I got to reconnect with one of my linesisters this weekend. I enjoyed our 5 hour long conversation. When I went to law school I fell off the scene. I have only been back to Hampton twice since I graduated so it was great to talk to her since she is so busy and so was I. It was so great to talk to her since she was one of my closest friends on my line. I love her! She is truly my sister.

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