Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Forgot

Yesterday when I was writing my second blog I forgot to tell you all about my unexpected visitor last night. So the guy who I am so not feeling on that level decided to just show up at my house last night. I was having a wonderful conversation with my buddy CRT (thanks for the advice and just listening) and I hear the doorbell. Open the door and it is him. Now I got out of an outing last week by telling him that I would be cramping and didn't want to be bothered with anyone. Definitely not true since mommy and I went out to eat. Well anyway I had to get off the phone and entertain him. I was thinking what the hell and why. I wanted to be evil and give him the call before you come talk but I am turning over a new leaf. The funny thing is he said he was so tired from working and wanted some rest (this was said when he first got here) but he drove past his house to get to mine. My house is not close to his job. When I am tired trust and believe the bed is the first place I am going if I don't have anything important to do. I don't consider visiting a boy important especially if there is nothing going on b/t us.

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