Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Today

September 11--that date will forever be etched into the minds of most individuals born before 2001. A day that we know was so unnecessary but showed us that we can come together as a nation and show each other love. God blessed the families that felt the pain more than others.
I just remember talking to people about that day and what they were doing. I remember that I missed most of the commotion. I had an 8:00 class that morning and we got out early. For me that meant going back to sleep. I was "homeless" b/c my apartment wouldn't be ready until the end of that week so I was staying with one of my friends. Well I fell asleep and a loud banging on the door woke me up. I go to the door and looked out of the peephole and saw a man I didn't know. He said he was the cable guy and then I remembered my friends had an appointment to get digital cable. I let him in and he looks at me and my friend like we are crazy saying why are't you watching the news. We look at him and say why should we be watching the news. He then says remember when there were two towers in NYC well now there is only one. We just know he is lying. We turn on the TV and see there is really only one tower. He goes downstairs to his truck and while he is down there the other tower falls. He comes back upstairs and we say remember that one tower that was still standing well now there is none. We just didn't understand what was going on--still in complete shock. I think by this point the Pentagon had been hit. All I could think about was the fact that I had just driven by the Pentagon maybe 2 days before. I thought what if they had decided to hit the Pentagon at the moment instead. I just couldn't grasp what was going on.
We as a nation sat in front of the TV for days watching it all unfold. We saw Dan Rather roll up his sleeves and tell us all he could. All we could do was pray for the people who lost their lives for something so unnecessary. We know there were firefighters and police officers who died that day doing a job they loved. We know the people who were on that plane that crashed in PA were doing what they knew was best to save the lives of others. They took on the terrorists and won that battle. They died for our safety. We don't really know where the plane was going but we know that whereever it was going the people at that location were able to live just that much longer.
May God bless the lives of all involved in such a tragic time.

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