Monday, September 24, 2007

My Life (at least this weekend)

Complex Simplicity--I honestly can't figure out what song belongs to me. Could my song be Cut Friends b/c you know I love that song? Oh and you misspelled my name :(

This weekend I hung out with one of my former law school buddies. It was very interesting. You thought I had road rage well she is far worse than me. I love her to death and she knows this but she can no longer drive when we go out.

She took me to see a rock band--definitely not my cup of tea but I enjoyed myself. I can honestly say that the band was good but my issue with rock bands are they fact that most of the time I can't understand what they say. That is a big issue for me b/c it seems that sometimes I just don't understand what any artist is saying. Now why would I want to listen to someone who I can barely understand? I could listen to this band but it definitely won't be a genre a music for me.

After that we went to Luckie Lounge. I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed my sushi. If you knew me in law school you know I craved sushi. I would have sushi at least once a week. Oh how I miss RuSan's.

I got put in the corner for five minutes on Saturday night. Thanks Raven!

"Nikki on the front row!" Lol

That girl was a prostitute and that is her pimp. I personally thought the girl just had no rhythm but now I know more about her than I could have had it not been for my friend.

There is no need to be uptight. Breathe, stretch, let it go!

Pole dancing does take a lot of strength but it will still be fun to get some pointers.

Why don't I do what I am supposed to do?

Why are you calling me? Does your "girlfriend" know I exist? Better yet I didn't know she existed until you let me and the general public know on Facebook. Better yet we had a conversation about relationships and you said you had a friend. Next time put girl in front of friend.

Why won't the car salesman leave me alone? I will buy a car when I can afford it.

I need a job so I can get my stuff out of storage and have winter clothes. Am I going to have to go shopping for winter clothes? I know you are probably thinking just find the boxes that have the clothes in them. That would be simple if the people who packed my storage hadn't put my clothing boxes at the back of the storage unit.


Complex Simplicity said...

LOL...I didn't misspell your name...everyone had a nickname...yours was after Chanel No. 9. And put me on to Cut Friends!

Complex Simplicity said...

Because it's the most popular of the Chanel brand. Besides...I thought you said that your mom liked it and that's where your name came from