Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Complex Simplicity this is just for you since you were the only taker (at least for now). Even though this question is not about me I will still answer it. His name is Trey. He is a 30 something black man trying to be grown and sexy (LOL). We met one fateful night in 2004 (I say fateful b/c I wasn't supposed to be in that location but a change in someone's travel plans (your former friend) made sure that I had absolutely nothing to do but go to the club). He was nice and we kept coming back to each other through out the night. We exchanged numbers and three days later he called. We talked and talked and finally hung out. He was smart but not my type of smart--not really a street element but definitely not a Hampton man. We have been through so much--you will have to make a phone call for that one. I can't put all of our drama out on the streets. There is something between us that I can't explain--no matter what happens we end up back together. We both have our moments where we can't stand each other but like I said there is something b/t us plus I am stuck in Fort Valley and most of the men around here I went to high school with and you read the other post.

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Complex Simplicity said...

Ok. I need to call you anyway...but the question WAS about you...he causes you distress and I needed to know who this clown is :-)