Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Things That Have Been Bothering Me For Awhile

R. Kelly and Usher--"Same Girl"
First of all if two guys found out they were being played by the same girl would they really be toasting and playing basketball together?
Second of all if she was playing the two of you do you really think she would be embarrassed if you both met her at the same place at the same time?
Third of all how are they twins if they have the same name, same tattoo and whatever else was the same?

BET's Read a Book--the message of the PSA is great but the cartoon is just unnecessary. Especially when we know that children watch BET probably when they shouldn't be. The PSA is meant to reach 18-34 year olds but BET knows that children are watching TV when the PSA is shown. What makes it that much worse is that now mainstream America knows about the crap because CNN did a story. I think there is a better way to tell a person they need to read a book.

Why do you give a child a name that you cannot spell? The letters of the alphabet were not meant to be placed in just any old order.

Why do you continue to make promises that you know you cannot keep? There was no need to promise me a down payment on a new car when you can't even get a full time job. It looks like my mom is going to take up your slack once more.

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