Thursday, September 20, 2007


It has been one of those weeks. People have been pissing me off left and right. Have to vent!

Why do you email me acting like I didn't respond to your same email question months ago?

Why do you want me to call you with my address when I clearly emailed you that address in July? Not only did I send you an email with my email but you said you would handle the situation asap. It is September.

When I call you because you asked me to and leave a message with my phone number why don't you return the phone call? I have to send a mass email to get a response.

I really hope that you are not fascinated by a person you have nothing positive to say about. I lost some of my respect for you on that one.

Why do people always say "Had I been there I would have..." when technically they were there?

Is my lack of a job the only thing about me that concerns you?

I am still angry but at least I got a chance to vent :)

Complex Simplicity: I haven't found your other blog but I am sure one day I will randomly come across it since I am blog hopping as of late.
PC: Thanks for commenting even though I don't know who you are (I probably do but I can't figure out who you are.)
Thanks to T for listening to me vent via text messages (ni99a technology--shout out to Boondocks).


PC said...

For some people, having a job is the best thing since the beginning of time.

I, on the other hand, am glad to be a broke grad student. :)

You know who this is ... ;-)

Complex Simplicity said... will find it soon enough. Let me know when you do.

I've been having one of those weeks too!