Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm Back

Ok so I couldn't stay away from my blog for more than 6 hours. Blame it on the news! I feel like having a "Ricky" moment (Barbershop).

Black folks stop defending everybody b/c they are black. Michael Vick got caught up in the "fun" of what he was doing. He did it. I just say next time a rich person thinks about committing a crime maybe they should pay the broke people around them to take the rap. Disclaimer: This is not legal advice! But back to my thought: why do we as a people always defend somebody b/c they are black? I realize that we are all considered innocent until proven guilty but that doesn't mean that we are automatically innocent even after a jury has found us guilty. We may not have committed a crime but the jury has spoken. It really is all about the legal system--good and bad attorneys among other things. I have seen some outright criminals get off b/c they had wonderful attorneys and the D.A. just wasn't that great. Anywho, I digress--next point!

Why is there a politician in one of those midwestern states who has decided to take God to court? Yeah you read that right! He is suing God for bringing bad weather to hurt his constituents or something of the sort. He says there is jurisdiction b/c God is omniscient so he is there. I just want to know why he has to be black. I was so upset when I heard the story then I see this black man talking. Not saying that I really thought about who would bring the suit. I was just disturbed when they showed the individual.

Next point: I feel bad b/c I was doing the whole not talking to other men when "he" upset me b/c I felt that I only talked to other men when "he" pisses me off. I realize that some of the guys I talk to are really my friends. There may be some sexual tension b/t us but what man doesn't want me ;) Anyway, I realized that I can separate the two emotions and make sure I am not talking to a man b/c "he" pissed me off.

With that being said I realized that I haven't talked to my future ex-husband in a long time b/c of this situation and something else. I know that it is not worth it so I will continue to talk to him b/c we have fun when we talk. I can tell him anything and he will listen. There is a whole lot of sexual tension b/t us as well as hundreds of miles of road so nothing will happen. I also am not ready to cross that line b/c I feel like on a certain level I might be a jump-off. I don't do that now and not trying to start.

I guess my biggest issue with him is he is not willing to go the distance or he doesn't understand my situation. He wants me to come visit but isn't willing to put his money where his mouth is. I don't mind paying for a visit (big ass lie) but trust and believe a visit anywhere outside of about a 100 mile radius is not in my budget. Why should I put forth the effort if you are not willing to put forth the effort. I feel like the situation speaks for itself. I have no job and you have a job making major dough. I have never asked for anything from you so I really don't understand the issue. You know I am not a gold-digger (I prefer to take care of myself which is why gave up on all dreams of being a housewife--depending on someone else just isn't my thing.)

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