Monday, November 19, 2007

My Plan for the Week

So my plan for this week is to not be mean. It is said that I have to plan this but I know me better than anyone else so I have to plan these things. I am proud to say I have only raised my voice at someone once and that happened today. Had the person I was talking to listened to what I said at first then I wouldn't have had to raise my voice so I blame her. Anyway for me that is really good.

So my dad got my uncle (mom's brother) a job and he started working on Friday. Why did this fool decide that today was going to be his last day? I am tired of hearing about my uncle's antics. Of course he got fussed at for a minute and then my grandmother remembered that he was her baby and she stopped fussing. I just sat there b/c like I said I am not raising my voice this week. All I have to say is he better be glad I am not going to be here for Thanksgiving and I am being quiet this week. He quit the job b/c of the commute--he didn't have any money for gas. So quitting the job is going to get him what kind of money. My only statement about it was you (mom and grandmom) need to stop helping him. I could go on but I won't.

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Stacie von Kutieboots said...

in defense of your uncle, i had to leave a job that was too far! the money i would've made didn't justify what it took to get there (gas and energy)

now as for family enablers? that's not cool after so many years.

i think its funny you have to plan not to be mean! lol