Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Mom

Ok so first of all I would have posted yesterday but I was tired. Those real estate closing people have me running ragged.

Ok so back to today's post:
My mom is crazy (love her to death). Last night she finally got her flash drive back that she let her friend borrow months ago. Well she wanted me to put her dissertation on it. She walks into my room and says delete everything from the flashdrive and put my dissertation on this. That sounds simple but I don't have her dissertation.
She is convinced that her dissertation is on my computer b/c I emailed it to her professor the other night. The dissertation is on her computer. She was arguing with me that it was on my computer under "my documents". We have this argument every couple of weeks about how my computer and her computer are not connected. I have to argue her down about it. She really accused me of lying last night. Not exactly one of those things I would lie about if I felt the need to lie.
She drives me crazy but I love her so much!

To all my friends that I sent the email to thank you so much for your response. It is wonderful to know that you guys have my back in this hard time (being jobless and wanting to work). One of you even brought me to tears but they were happy tears.

Tomorrow's post will be about trifling men and for once not mine since I have been single for two months :)

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