Sunday, November 18, 2007


As in angry hoooooooot! So Oprah was allegedly going around the country touring the heartland or something of the sort and she decided that Macon, GA would be her first stop. I live about 20 miles from Macon. Something told me to try to get a ticket but I was like I am not that big of an Oprah fan. Damn me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just happened to be watching the news last night and Oprah decided that her show in Macon would be her "Favorite Things" show. Can you say I was cursing myself out in my head and using words as close to curse words in my house with mommy and granny. Now you understand why I am so angry. I would have been ok if I had tried to get a ticket and just came up short. I didn't even try. The show airs on Tuesday and I think I saw a girl who lives down the street from me in the audience. I guess I will find out on Tuesday.

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