Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Ok God I know you are looking out for my best interests but do you have to let them bother me? I know I need to learn patience which is probably one of the reasons I am jobless but why do these people have to bother me?

Why do people feel the need to tell me stories or give me facts that I could care less about?

Me and my grandmother are just alike and which means that I would drive myself crazy.

I miss digital cable. At least when I was bored on the weekends I could watch some movie.

When you were jobless did I ask you how the job search was going every time I talked to you? That is the most irritating question to be asked. When I get a job I will send out an email to all my friends and let you know. Chances are the person this is directed towards stopped reading my blog awhile ago.

CS--I was talking about a girl I went to high school with. I wish I could show you the pictures. She looks older than her mother.

Ok my guilty pleasure is Keyshia Cole's tv show. I would say I watch I love NY but that show is just too ignorant. I tried to watch this season but I can't bring myself to do it. KC's show isn't ignorant though.

Why do I miss "The Game" every week?

I watch Fox News Channel. The journalism is pretty ignorant but they show more news than the other channels on my bootleg cable. Now I really miss MSNBC.

I am addicted to Suze Orman's t.v. show. So last night she was talking to this man whose wife kept jacking up their finances. He would fix something she messed up and then she would mess something else up. So Suze said the wife was dishonest and she didn't understand how their relationship worked. She then said that a real relationship is built on 100% honesty. Is this true? I know you have to be honest about most things but sometimes you just can't tell your mate. And when I say that I am talking about the little things, mostly opinion things. I may only be saying this b/c I have no tact and if I don't like it I will say it. I have hurt my significant others feelings b/c I said what I honestly believed. It got a little ugly when I told the truth. So should you tell your mate the truth 100% of the time? The other problem I had with her advice was that she doesn't have a husband and neither do I. So who are either of us to voice our opinion on how that man's marriage works?

I am going to do better on my blogs b/c I haven't written anything truly substantive lately. I am going to sit down and think about something to blog about other than my random thoughts. Don't get it twisted I love my random thoughts but since I am so impulsive I don't take the time to truly plan a post. I normally have wonderful plans for posts but my short term memory is so bad that if I come up with an idea two hours from now I will forget it by the time I get back to a computer which could be three hours from now.

Peace and Blessings,

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