Friday, November 9, 2007

Where Do I Find These Men?

Ok so this is a im conversation I had with the guy who has a relationship that he failed to mention. I will have to give my commentary later but I am sure you can see why I have issues with him. I would also like to add that I just am not attracted to him on any level.

J: hey coco wassup, what are you up too, do you fell like watching some tv with me today?
C: Sorry today is one of my busy days. I have two closings today and they don't seem to be going according to schedule.
J: oh..ok, well maybe another day how have you been?
C: I have been doing ok--i have a sore throat but no other signs of a cold. This makes me a little irritated. How are you?
J: i'm wonderful, cant complain...things are going..i guess..
C: Why do you guess?
J: cause i still havent hung out with you....
C: So that messes up your life?
J: lol...yes.some Jerrick Manns. everything you want in your life should change it some
C: Oh ok
J: you dont think so..
C: Depends on what it is
J:so in your case, a guy that you like and cant be with wouldnt change you life some C: I don't think I would be like life is ok i guess. But then I am the hotness and trying to get myself together with no man around.
J: ok...but naw, i was just kidding with the i guess, its just a way i talk when people ask me that.... but i would like to take you out and hang out with you..
C: oh ok so we get to the truth
J: what is the
C: you just wanted me to feel sorry for you and keep asking you what was wrong. you wanted some attention.
J: truth is that i like you and i want to take you out
C: Ok but we could only go out as friends b/c I am dealing with the issues that the last guy helped me create and not wanting to put them off on any other man.
J: what issues did ya'll create..
C:My biggest issue right now is trust but there are lots of other. I still have feelings for him and the last time I decided to date while having feelings for someone else was really ugly.
J: oh...thats ok, you know i'll work with you, cause you know i'm in a similar position....but i hate to have to wonder what could have been cause i was afraid to ask or try..

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