Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rambling Again

So I got rejected for one of the jobs I interviewed for a few weeks ago. I haven't cried about that but I have cried. Why is everybody else getting a job when I can't get one? I just want to be self-sufficient. I am not asking for a six-figure salary yet. Just enough to live off of and save for that house I always wanted.

My mother wants to rub in the fact that I had a job offer that I didn't take. She just doesn't get that first of all I would have been unhappy and second of all I would have been asking her for money. I would have been making $3000 before taxes. After taxes and all the other crap they take out I would have been making maybe $2100. I couldn't live at home b/c the drive is too long to make on a daily basis which means that I would have to rent an apartment. I could go on but to make a long story short I would have needed my mom to pay some of my bills and there was no way I could pay for a new car which I do need.

J won't leave me alone. I just want him to understand that we aren't on that level where we have to talk on a regular basis. How do I say that without being mean? I want to just yell and curse about it but I don't think that will work out well.

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