Friday, November 30, 2007


Since this is the last post of National blah blah blah Month (that is how I have felt the last couple of days) I thought I would end it with a couple of questions:

Why do I let the same trifling people get to me? I know they aren't going to change but would they leave me alone?

Why do I get mad when people drive slow in front of me but when I am driving slow in front of someone I get mad when they ride my tail? (I actually can answer the question this time--the people who drive slow in front of me are driving too slow to be on the damn road and me on the other hand I am driving above the speed limit almost to the point of a reckless driving ticket and then someone rolls up behind me going too damn fast.)

Why do I procrastinate on the important things?

Why do I know that any chance of me getting my flat screen t.v. went down the drain this week?

Why would I want to be with you if I am still just a movement when we are together? Can we be a force?

Why the hell won't that boy leave me alone? He thought he was important enough for me to be mad at him. About what I don't know--I was just asked if I was mad. Dude my thoughts of you consist of the time I blog about it and the random Facebook messages you send me.

Why do I hold a grudge for so long? It can't be too healthy now can it?

Why is all my stress in my right shoulder?

Why am I afraid to be an adult?

Why do we spoil black boys and act surprised when they become bad black men?

Why are people always saying that the media doesn't talk about things that happen to black people but when the same thing happens to white people there is media attention? I ask this b/c I must be the only person watching the news. I saw the story about the black girl's body being found right after they found it and I don't live in Mississippi (sorry I can't remember her name but may she rest in peace). Not saying that the media is great but not all "black" stories are left out of the news.

Will my shoulder ever stop hurting?

Why am I mad that X-Factor made her blog for invited readers only?

Thanks for reading my daily posts--I only missed one day!

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Stacie von Kutieboots said...

tasha, a jackson state student was missing for 15 days before she got media coverage. a white girl could be alive a kicking in a well for four hours and it'll make CNN. The only time i heard abt tasha was on tom joyner this past tuesday.