Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

This morning I was watching HGTV (one of my addictions) and I saw this boy I went to college with. He and his wife were getting a basement makeover. I was slightly envious b/c someone I graduated with is married. He and his wife looked so cute together. He also has a nice house. Somebody decorated the rest of the house really nicely. I want to be married and settled. I just have to remember that God has a plan for me and it will come to pass.

My dad is buying me a flat screen tv for Christmas. I can't believe it--I will just have to wait for this to happen.

My mother drives me crazy. My little cousins spend every other weekend at our house. Well when they come see auntee they get whatever they want. Not that big of a deal. The problem I have is that what they normally want is candy. My mother gives them bubble gum at 8 in the morning. So they had some bubble gum this morning and that was supposed to be the last bit of candy. They leave the house and come back with a bag of candy for each of them. We have an argument every time they come here. My problem is the higher than normal occurrence of childhood obesity and diabetes. They eat candy all day and watch tv and lounge. If they were playing all day then the candy may be ok (not really but at least they would be active). The oldest is six and she already has a crown or whatever. She obviously doesn't need the candy but my mother steadily gives it to her. Mind you I wasn't given all this candy when I was younger so I really don't understand it.

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Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you know what it is? mom is tired and doesn't want to hear it. she done raised her children and is just in the game to pacify them. candy? she'll give it to them cause they'll be quiet.