Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I just want to talk about it. I miss him and there is no one to talk to it about or at least I can't talk to him. I mean I could but that would defeat my purpose.

I finally got my much needed pedicure.

The weather just suddenly changed.

I know the state of Georgia needs rain but once it gets cold I hate rain. It is one thing to have something to do in the rain when it is warm but it is so much worse when it is cold.

I got a warm jacket/coat from Target today for only $29.99. It is cute and warm.

Do you know someone who instigates? I do and it just happens to be my mother. Don't ever talk about somebody around her b/c she may tell that person. She will even agree with you about the person's bad qualities and then tell them you said it. She has good intentions--meaning the people you are talking about need to know about their bad qualities but she takes it too far. She did this to me the other day and she did it to my uncle yesterday.

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