Monday, November 5, 2007

My Job

Ok so I want to tell you what I do most days of the week. I work for this company that finds attorneys to do real estate closings. They send me the information about the closing and I go to the person's home to have them sign the papers. Sometimes they send me the paperwork to print out or they send it to me or the client via mail.

Ok with that being said let's talk about what happened today. Ok the plan was to email the paperwork to me and I would print it out. The closing was at 1:00 this afternoon and the closing was 30 minutes away. To me this means that I need to leave home by 12:15 in case I get lost and just to make sure I arrive in a timely manner.

Ok so here is what happened. I wake up this morning and eventually check my email around 9:15. The paperwork hasn't been emailed to me. I email my company to see where the paperwork was and they say they will check on it. Around 11:30 the paperwork is still not emailed to me. I have a slow printer so I know that I will not be able to print it out in a timely manner. I called the client and let them know I will call when I am on my way. The company finally sends me the paperwork at 12:45. Well I decided that it would be easier to go to my mother's job and print it out. I email it to my mother so she can print it out. As I am driving to my mother's job the finance company calls me and tells me that I need to hurry up (not their exact words but I got the hint). At this point I am hot b/c if it had been up to me the paperwork would have been ready at 9:15 so I could print it out. I want to curse them out b/c clearly I didn't do anything wrong. Then my company calls and asked me where I was. I told them I was on my way but I can't move that quickly b/c no matter what the situation was I had to print out the paperwork that was sent to me late.

I get to my mother's school and go to her classroom thinking that the paper would be waiting for me. Of course she forgot to print it out even though I called her less than an hour ago. So I had to sit there and print it out. It only took about 15 minutes to do it. I think I got another call telling me to hurry up b/c somebody has to go to work. I am thinking to myself that sounds personal b/c somebody was slipping on their pimping--not my problem. I did my best to get there in a timely manner.

I get to the couple's house and pull out the paperwork. I hand it over to the wife to start signing. The husband asked about the interest rate and time of payments. So get this after all this they put me through, the finance company put the wrong interest rate and monthly payments on there. I was so hot you could see the steam rising. I did my best to remain polite when the wife called the finance company but I wanted to curse the finance company out.

A day in my crazy life!

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