Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Thoughts

Hey CS, remember this statement or variation of the statement: If you can't respect the season at least respect the month. Well anyway that is how I prepare to get dressed in the morning. It was warm but I fought the urge to rock my flip flops. Those three and a half years at UGA got me thinking it is ok to wear flip flops. I had a come to Jesus meeting about the shoes.

My cousin is getting married and there is a lot of planning going on so that we don't have to have a big rush around the time of the wedding. Anyway my cousin is much more crunk than I am when it comes to people doing stuff they aren't supposed to. With that being said my cousin has a friend who has designated herself as a maid of honor and thinks that she should be running things. She keeps trying to change the dresses for the wedding. Then today she had the nerve to tell the bridal party that they had to donate money to the bridal shower. I can understand you asking for money but telling me I have to give money. She must not know 'bout me. Last I checked the maid of honor pays for the bridal shower. I have no problem donating money but you need not ever tell me I have to do something.

I had more to talk about but lost my train of thought so consider this post to be continued...

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Complex Simplicity said...

Yeah I remember it...but sometimes I just say eff it! Like today...I know my shirt is showing too much shoulder...but the shirt will probably not be worn again next season so I must get my money's worth out of it now! Rock your flip flops girl1