Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok so I feel a little prolific

I keep getting ideas to write about!

Ok so I am reading the blog of a woman who says we should be ashamed for having a baby out of wedlock. I understand her sentiment. It is hard out here for the child of a single parent. Us single parent children truly have it hard. People say harsh stuff to us and take out something we have no control over on us. But the purpose of this post is to talk about a statement that the blogger made. When your child doesn't take his/her father's name we are allowing the father to get off the hook. Bullshit! No matter what a woman does a man is his own person. He is going to do whatever he wants whether the child has his name or not. Trust and believe I walk around with my daddy's name and it ain't got me much of anything since I was nine. He had his good moments but on a whole mommy dearest did all the damn work. My biggest fear is that when he dies I am going be left with a mess. He ain't got nothing but debt. My mother was never one for forcing a man to take care of his responsibilities but damn all that. When you lay down and do the stuff to make a baby you better get up and take care of a baby.

I know why my dad wasn't the best of taking care of his responsibilities--the man didn't have to get a job until he graduated from a college. He graduated at 25. He always had somebody to take care of him. He was the baby boy of a large family.

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