Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still Not Ready

So I am still not ready to talk about anything personal. Lots of thoughts running through my head but I feel the need to run from those thoughts.

My third grandmother died yesterday. Obviously she is not my real grandmother but she was my first best friend's grandmother and I used to stay at her house all the time when I was younger. I haven't seen her in ages but I knew she had been having a hard time lately. She had a stroke maybe a year ago and never really recovered. I feel bad b/c I haven't seen her in about two years.

Excited about meeting my back's boyfriend on Sunday--no complaints about him so he must be a winner.

Why did your boy feel the need to ask me if I was going to the GA National Fair or the Homecoming Stepshow? When I said I couldn't afford those things (meaning I didn't want to really go anyway b/c a sista will find a way) he said oh I got you if you want to go. Does your girlfriend know you got me?

Bethlehem--is that really your child's name?

CS--Thanks for sharing such personal moments. I don't know what to say exactly which is why I haven't commented in a minute. I hope you are feeling better.

You home school your child--the same child who is allegedly planning another Colombine. What the hell are you doing that you appear to not notice that he is stockpiling weapons?

I miss him but I know it is for the best.

I did my first closing on Tuesday. I was so nervous!

I am thinking about getting my hair cut.

I need a pedicure desperately!

Have you checked your breasts this month? If not, handle that situation right now! Step away from the computer and do your business!

Have you had your yearly exam? If not make an appointment and handle that!

So I am ready for "Why Did I Get Married?"

I saw this guy today that tried to holla maybe in April (I was still living in Athens but I came home for some reason and met him). He was like don't I know you. Of course I had to say no b/c clearly it wasn't going down like that. I am good at the ignore--completely shut him down with the ignore. He will not be someone worthy of me even thinking about breaking the six month hiatus.


PC said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss! You are always in my prayers. Come visit me in JERSEY!

Complex Simplicity said...

I'm sorry about your "grandmother"

Tell more about the closing! How do you feel you did? What do you think you can do better?

Cut it all off! Get that fly Malinda Williams cut.