Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yeah so I had this profound post that I wanted to write the other day but of course I was out and had nothing to write on. Now I can't even remember the topic--I just know it was going to be related to a song or a saying. Boo!

So this weekend was FVSU's Homecoming and FVSU is a very community oriented school which means that everybody in Fort Valley celebrates homecoming. With that being said you see people who have never seen the inside of a high school classroom much less a college classroom. This means you get to see any and everything at Homecoming. I saw an old crackhead/drunk (still don't know which one he was) beat up a little boy. I shouldn't say beat up but I don't know exactly what else to call it. Some kind strangers finally helped the boy. The police eventually showed up--nobody actually called them over and they were too far away to see exactly what happened.

I walked "the strip" which is equivalent to Hampton's Bazaar (FV likes to shut down the street right before the school and let vendors set up there, hence a strip of the street but unfortunately there are only two ways to get to the campus and that is one of them.). I eventually had to leave because I was surrounded by little children. This would have been ok but it was Saturday night and they should have been home where their parents were.

CS to answer your question about my first closing it was kind of scary b/c I had never done one. The people who hired me to do the closing did not give me any instructions except for how to return the papers to them. I adapted though. I made one mistake and had to return to the person's house to have them sign something else. It made the closing longer than it needed to be but I did it.

Ok so I have no money! I don't know how I am surviving and I am not exaggerating--dead broke. Working it out right now though (the closings won't pay me until the beginning of November). I got a little hustle left in me but I am accepting donations.

I found the perfect dress for the Blackout! I am crunk.

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