Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So these past two days I have been doing a lot of thinking.
Yesterday I decided it was time to get back to my wonderful relationship with the Lord. In this quest to get that relationship back I made a "promise" to not date any men for six months. This is a hard one for me b/c "he" always finds his way back to me. I always go back and forget the past. I get hurt and then I remember the past.
Speaking of "him" he sent me a text message today. Conversation goes like this:
Him: U dnt talk 2 me nemore
Me: I cant handle u right now
Him: What does tht mean
Me: I need u to be full time and u r not. I cant make u something u r not
This exchange nearly brought me to tears. I am just tired of being caught up with him. I want it to be over but I don't want to talk to him. When I talk to him I get caught up and then my feelings continue to get hurt.
Ok so I had more to say but I am tired of thinking my thoughts. Let's just say to be continued...

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