Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Happening

Yesterday was great! I went to Atlanta to see my linesisters. Ok so I am notorious for always being hella early and yesterday was no exception. I left home around 2:00 b/c I wanted to stop by BB&B to get a job application (will I really get a job in retail with a J.D. behind my name?). I also left early b/c the last time I went to Atlanta I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour. Of course it didn't happen that way this time. Since I was very early I stopped at the outlets. I went to Coach, Nine West, Gap, Charlotte Russe and Old Navy. It is a terrible feeling to window shop and you have no money.
I finally leave the outlets and make my way to downtown Atlanta. So I clearly was an hour early but that is how I do. I picked up my linesister/former roommate and her boyfriend. I really like the new/old boyfriend (it was my first time meeting him but they have been together for two years--damn law school-can't afford a plane ticket to save my life and we know I don't drive too far). It was just like old times. We drove around Atlanta--me getting lost. I know my way around downtown but I always get lost. I finally made it to Atlantic Station. We parked and walked around. My ls hasn't changed at all and I love her so much. We went shopping and she bought me some pants (you know I already planned my ensemble for FVSU's Homecoming).
We went to The Cheesecake Bistro. The food was wonderful. My other linesisters showed up late but we still had a ball. It was wonderful sitting there with everybody just talking. I really enjoyed hearing their perspectives on relationships. I just sat there b/c I have no comment on relationships, at least good ones.

So I had to stop in the middle of my post to go to the store. I am hot!!!! Fire-breathing dragon hot. Set the scene: My grandmother retired in 1995 and has been on social security ever since i.e. living on a fixed income. My uncle is a grown ass man. Why is he calling her to wire him some money? Why did she say yes? Who had to go to the store and make this long ass transaction? My grandma offered me some gas money and I couldn't say yes to that. I know she struggles. Hell half of her check goes to my uncle's bills. I don't understand what is his damn problem. I think my ls's boyfriend said it best--the problem with these men running around here today is that they were spoiled. Pray for my family!

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