Monday, October 15, 2007

Why You Gotta Try Me?

So explain to me why I think I am being nice by sending out information about the birthday celebration 6 months in advance especially for my out of town people. One of these individuals who I know for a fact lives check to check was like why you sending it out so early? When I say I am trying to help you save up money ahead of time you get an attitude. Last time I checked the weekend I was planning was not cheap and you gotta buy a plane ticket. Why chicks be trying me? I am about to go on a six month hiatus on "friends" as well.


PC said...

Eff them. I appreciate the email, and I hope I can make it for at least one part of the weekend!

DollFace said...
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Complex Simplicity said...


Did you invite your BFF?


Yeah...had to delete the last comment. But I already know that you have the address to my other site...just don't want anyone to have it

Complex Simplicity said...

*just don't want anyone ELSE to have it