Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Really Now?

I just had a flashback that I felt I needed to share:

There was this guy that I crushed on for years and he happened to be my friend. He also had a girlfriend so the crush wasn't going too far on my part or his (at least I think). We used to hang out and go to the movies and other stuff. I was cool with his mother and sister too. Well one day I was home from college and felt like going to visit him at his mom's house. So I am sitting in the living room talking to his mom. His dad walks into the living room and says hello to me. That would have been just fine if he hadn't called me by the girlfriend's name. In my head I was thinking Oh really now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His wife quickly corrected him. I was a little bit flustered b/c even though the girl is cute she ain't got nothing on me. We look nothing alike. She was short and thick (not fat at all) and well you guys know me. I am medium height (in other words tight and just right) and small framed (ok skinny). Needless to say we aren't shaped alike and do not look alike. That was one of the last times I chilled at his house. Also the girlfriend was borderline crazy--he was my friend but I don't do crazy hoes. Mama Sylvia taught me better.

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